Master Thesis Collaboration

Structured Environment is looking for a collaboration with a DTU Master Course student, on the topic of recycled plastic as a primary structural material.

The world is facing a huge environmental issue, in the form of plastic waste pollution. Indonesia is now the second biggest contributor to plastic waste in the ocean after China, and parts of the country have been declared in state of waste emergency since 2017.

Upon the initiative of the Potato Head Group, Structured Environment is collaborating with Kengo Kuma and Associates architectural office, to offer a form of solution to this issue within the building industry. The purpose of the collaboration is to create an exemplary touristic pavilion, whose primary structure would be made out of reclaimed plastic from Bali’s beaches. This recycled plastic would be used in the form of a standardized component, shaped as a hollow brick. To do so, initial research is to be undertaken in order to design the material that will be used.

We would like to take advantage of that initial research to offer a collaboration with master thesis students who would have an interest in understanding material behaviour and development, sustainability, and innovation. Several approaches are possible to create a research question, among which for example : investigating the cleanness degree of recycled plastic for it to maintain its characteristics; or investigating the effects of reinforcement by sand, steel fillings or steel mesh. We have reached agreement with Professor L.Ottosen at DTU to host the project within that university.

If you are interested and want to participate in a project that makes a difference, you can contact us here :

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